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Nothing can't be figured out. The past just can't be reached again.

Welcome! I’m DanLiu. This blog is based on Jekyll boilplates of Hux and yizibi. Sincere thanks to these two bigwigs! Same Thanks to API provider iXiaoWai! I add several new functions to provide better and more joyful experience like Article Stick-on-Top, Hidden Interesting Tab Names, Dynamic Blog’s Established Time and so on.

If you want to know how I upgrade these interesting functions, search my blog in Chinese or have a quick scan here.

I’m from Xi’an and has graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University with an undergraduate degree majored in automation in 2020. To be honest, it’s kind of ashamed without a fabulous reward or an astonishing project during my campus life, even without any sound grades, and it seems like I’ve been wasted over 5 years without a proper destination or an exciting goal running around like a headless chicken, so before my graduation I devided to set up a blog to write something to record what I’ve done, to commemorate my past life, and to leave some might-helpful information and experience. I actually had the similar idea when I first came to Youth Program and I indeed wrote something, but it was a kind of annual diary to express what I felt about this kind of novel education mode, and it was only written in my Qzone, so only my friends could read. With these restriction and experience above, I decided not to choose those popular blog platforms like Tencent, Sina and CSDN. And then when I searched some documents for my final paperwork, I found this website, and it turned out that I could build my own website with my own style with less supervision and restriction. And that’s the origin of this blog.

I’ll update this blog to represent my some thoughts about what I learnt, what kind of troubles I’ve been through and sometimes some emotional notes irregularly. I’ll also add and upgrade some interesting functions to improve your reading experience. If you have any problems or questions about either the content or the blog itself, please leave a comment and I’ll reply or refine it as soon as I could. You can also use these social medias which buttons are at the bottom of any pages or under my photo to contact me.

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